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So, I played Outlast.

FEELINGS. Tons of them.

Chris Walker x Miles Upshur: my OTP — cups to Red Barrels and their Character-To-Character plots. Hope RB team is glad that users get FEELS.

I adore Chris very much and I’m pretty upset that he doesn’t get enough love in Outlast fandom while he definetely deserves more of it.

Them two were approaching each other from the different sides of the corridor and it was like when the light hits your eyes when Miles caught Chris’ gaze: he understood he doesn’t want to run away. He understood he can’t. He understood he *won’t*.

Sometimes, if you are at loss, it doesn’t mean you will lose.

Blue paper-case is for Chris’ Mount Massive personal files. 

And Miles does not consider him as just a patient.

That’s why the paper-case is over.

Friendly reminder: Outlast without all these, you know, mad discussions is such a thing.

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